Trick or Treat


The next thing I knew, I was on John’s street and my phone was blowing up.  At first, I ignored it calling him a variety of different names in my mind with each ring.  Eventually, I sucked it up and answered.  After all, I was running out of names.  But it wasn’t John’s voice on the other end.  It was John’s mom.

Moments later, I was running yet again.

But this time I had a destination.  I yanked open the door to John’s house, and rushed through every room combing the room for any sign of her.  Of Lilly.  By the time I made it to John’s room, I was out of breath.  And she was unconscious; curled under John’s bed with an empty bottle of tic-tacs by her side.



Shortly after my mom’s arrival, Lenora’s mom came bustling after.  I felt my face go red as I began to stutter out that it wasn’t what it seemed, but at a second glance I knew there was no need to protest.  Something bigger was going on.

My mom was crying.  She never cries.

Through her sobs, she explained how she had told Lilly she was feeling sick and didn’t think she’d be able to take her trick or treating but that she’d go next door and ask the Anderson’s if they would mind her tagging along.  When she got home, Lilly was gone so she assumed she had come here.

I gave my mom a quick hug and ran out the door like the madman I was becoming under the full moon.  The streets were starting to clear as the last of the candy was given away.  I pleaded with anyone I could find. Had they seen her? Had they seen my little sister?

No one had.

I was starting to lose it.  Tears were stinging my eyes and my throat was tightening.  This was entirely fault.  Then suddenly, ambulances were blaring in my ears and lights were flashing; heading in the direction of my house.  And just like that, I was off again.  When I arrived home, I was there just in time to see her being carted out of the house on a stretcher.  Her face was so pale.  I felt something break deep within me.

The End

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