Teenage ninja turtles


No more than a handful of munchkins had taken candy and I swear half the candy was already gone.  How John can eat so much and remain completely built is beyond me.  Besides, watching Ally hit on John and the candy combined was making me nauseous, so I announced that I was off to retrieve more candy as I practically ran inside.  Granted, it was silly of me.  Ally wasn’t John’s type.  He was too sensitive and artistic…and just, she didn’t get him like I did. Besides, why did I care so much? I should be happy for him.  I’m acting like I have feelings for him romantically or something. Gross.

That is gross…right?

Feeling distraught, I stuffed a Twix bar in my mouth and almost choked on it as I turned around to see John standing right behind me.  Holding the she-devils hand. I felt  my mouth drop to the floor.

The next thing I knew, I was running.

I had never considered myself particularly athletic, but I booked it.  Regrettably, I think my silhouette plus my costume running down the street may have alarmed some mini-teenage ninja turtles crowding the sidewalk. After that, my pace slowed to a jog which slowed to a walk. That’s when I noticed the tears spilling out of my eyes and trickling down my chin. And I knew why.

I loved John.




Oh, crap.

 One minute, Allies telling me we should get in the Halloween spirit and play a prank on Lenora and pretend were dating. The next moment Lenora’s running away with this…this look on her face I can’t get out of my head, and then Ally’s kissing me and then my mom’s walking in the room.

What the hell. One night off the pills and I’m a raving lunatic.

I think I’m going to be sick.

The End

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