Pixie Sticks


The leaves crunch under my keds as I made my way over to Lenora’s.  Even with my music blaring, guilt still seemed to trickle in. My mom had a really rough day at work.  Her boss was being a jerk again.  I knew she would brush it off as always, but I shouldn’t have left Lilly, my sister, behind for her to take trick or treating.  I knew she was exhausted even behind her usual smile, and I could have taken her with me.  Lenora wouldn’t have minded.  Lilly adored her.  It was a little too late now though; I was almost there.

As I climbed up her steps, I looked around and wondered—not for the first time—what it must be like to live here amongst the perfectly trimmed hedges and white picket fences.  For the last 3 years I had practically spent all my free time here, but I still didn’t feel quite at home.  Everything was a little to pristine…a little too luxurious for my keds and beat-up jeans. Pulling my jacket a little closer around me, I shrugged it off and rang the doorbell.


The doorbell chimed; distracting me from building my list of ways to get Allison to agree to let me duct tape her to a chair for the evening.  Ah well, I was coming up with blanks anyway. I looked up to see John awkwardly standing at the door as he assessed the situation. I smiled and my stomach jumped a little.  However, when I saw Ally looking at him and smiling to beat the band, my smile quickly faded as I remember who was going to be tagging along. Gah.  The worst part about it was when John smiled back at her. Really smiled.  I could tell he liked her outfit; He doesn’t smile like that much.  Well, except at me when I let him pick the movie out on movie-night-Thursdays.  But that’s different. The sole person I had planned to rant to tonight sold himself to the devil.


Lenora’s mom ushered me quickly inside in her usual gracious, if hasty, manner into the foyer.  It took me a moment to make sense of the jumbled scene inside. Lenora with her white powder smeared all over her face, red pouty lips, and tattered white dress accompanied by a particularly irritable face, Tom whose presence was unheard-of, her mom’s uncomfortable laugh echoing off the high ceilings, and Allison’s seductive face were almost too much too handle. I stifled a laugh and went with a smile instead.

This’ll be good.

Wedged between Ally and Lenora on the front porch, eight o’clock finally rolled around, the midgets started crawling out from the shadows in search of the preferred candy of the neighborhood.  Personally, I was more of a Snickers-Reese’s Pieces kind of guy. I liked something substantial. No pixie-sticks for me.  Lenora kept teasing that if I ate all the candy quickly enough we could go find something better to do, however behind her smiles I could tell something was bothering her.  I figured I’d find out by the end of the night. Little did I know.



The End

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