Tic Tacs

John and Lenora, two young people dependent on one another to get through their daily trials finally come to a point in their friendship where decisions must be made.


            My pen licked the paper; spurting out ink and gripping the page as my mind contemplated the small bottle of blue pills sitting in the trash can on the far edge of my bedroom.  Antidepressants. Happy pills.  Mood regulators. I didn’t need them.  All I need were my pen and paper and some music blaring in my ears.  That was all I needed—well and occasionally Lenora.  I knew she would be suspicious if I told her I had ditched my pills.  Last time…Well, that hadn’t gone so well.  But this was different.  I was different. 

However, Lenora wasn’t the only one who would object.                                                                 I knew my mother would come knocking soon.  She would be on her way home from the supermarket right about now; where she stacked and un-stacked produce all day.  I looked up from my drawing and scanned the room.  I briefly considered flushing them before a better idea occurred to me.  I pushed my chair away from the picture laden desk and groped beneath my bed for what would become my ‘new’ happy pills—but with a considerably more minty after-taste.  I emptied the old pills on to my floor and loaded the little bottle with tic-tacs and put the old pills in the tic-tac container before tossing it under my bed with a satisfied smile.

From downstairs, I heard the door briefly open and close before my mom cheerily called up to me, “Hun, it’s 6:00. Time to take your pills.”

I smiled a bit to myself and popped a tic-tac in before returned to my drawing.



My tongue was officially red from the cherry tootsie-pop I had been gnawing on.  I smiled at myself in the mirror; pleased with my red lips and mouth.  My costume would be killer. Perhaps I’ll even get a chance to freak John out, I thought happily.  Halloween was just way too good of an opportunity to let pass even if I was 17.  I straightened my torn wedding dress costume and added the last touches of make up till I was wholly satisfied with my freaky vampire/ ex-wife getup.

From below, I heard the chimes of the doorbell being rung.  It was probably John who was coming to help hand out candy with me to the munchkins. I happily skipped down the stairs.  However, when I reached the bottom, it was not John.  It was my Dad—Tom whatever his name ought to be.  He wasn’t alone either.  I inwardly groaned as I saw the devils face behind him with an equally mischievous smile.  No, really, it was the devil’s face…otherwise known as my stepsister, Allison, with her long, caramel hair--who was just very fittingly dressed in a devil costume that could probably pass as a bathing suit. Just saying.  I heard her whiney voice say hi as she assessed my costume.

She smirked.

I ignored her to the best of my ability, but what was she doing here?  Who invited her to crash this party? Didn’t she have some college guy she should be getting drunk with right now? I heard Tom’s voice which pulled me back out of my reverie, “So Lenora, you don’t mind if Allison spends some time with you and John, right? She was just dying to see you.” He said, laughing at his own pun.

“Right,” I mumbled, she enjoyed spending time with John a little too much, if you know what I mean.  Not that that was a big deal. I mean who am I to care? But this was supposed to be a good night.  How was I supposed to enjoy Halloween with her around? I mean, is nothing sacred anymore?

She giggled at something my mom said. My mom look pleased and I had to resist the urge to gag.  She was out to get me.



The End

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