After a four year long relationship Belle is beginning to doubt whether she's still in love with Crystal. Will she make the right decision?

Belle POV:

I had been pacing a lot lately, up and down the common room ignoring the pile of homework at my feet or the worried glances my fellow housemates gave me. My mind was reeling once again. I had begun questioning my entire love life due to my friends disrespecting my choice in partner; did I still love Crystal? If not then what would I do? How can I make the right decision? What should I do? I was snapped out of my reverie when Willow placed her hands on my shoulder to stop the pacing.

‘Bee, you really have to talk to Crystal about all this’

‘I know, but what do I say “hey Crys by the way I don’t think I love you any more hope you don’t murder me or yourself for that matter I’ll see you around some time bye” I can’t Will!’ I cried flarring my arms out desperately.

‘Well maybe not that word-for-word’ Willow smiled softly ‘but you really need to talk to Crissi’

‘Okay I will, tomorrow’

‘Thank you’

‘Thank you?’ I frowned up at her.

‘It hurts me to see one of my best friends in pain’

‘Well in that case…you’re welcome’

Next morning I waited patiently after potions for Crystal when she came out I grabbed her arm and pulled her to one side behind a statue.

Crystal’s POV

‘HEY!!!’ I protested loudly at being manhandled so roughly straight after my dismally boring potions lesson with my godfather, but I calmed down when I realised who it was.

‘Hey babe’ I smile down at her, at her frown I start to get worried ‘are you okay?’

‘Um…yeah…it’s nothing’ When will this little Gryffindork learn that I can see through her lies? ‘Can we meet up later tonight?’

‘Um…sure’ I agree and slowly kissed her lips. God she has the sweetest lips. I feel so lucky to have her. As belle walks away she’s left an air of confusion behind her, like a great shadow dampening her usually happy spirit. During the rest of the day I’m starting to get really pissed off with Belle. She hugs and laughs with everyone else but she won’t as much as look at me! She doesn't seem to want me around her. It’s a good thing we’re meeting up tonight because we have to talk.

Room Of Requirement POV

Finally someone wanted to use me, it’s been ages. When they opened me I was not at all surprised to see Miss Lestrange and Miss Zabini. They had requested a quiet comfortable place for an important discussion and that’s what I’ve acquired. They often required a concealed space for long conversations, and I am only too happy to provide.

‘No, you listen!’ Zabini snapped at Lestrange pinning her against a wall by the throat. I could see Lestranges’ eyes were wide with fear. ‘What is wrong with you?’ the words were almost spat.

‘Nothing’s wrong’

‘Don’t…lie…to…me’ Zabini hissed grasping Lestrange's shoulders ‘you’ve been avoiding me…what’s wrong? Why are you all fine with everyone else but not me? Tell me! I’M HERE FOR YOU TO TELL THINGS TO NOT AVOID AND SHUT OUT!!!’ The air was thick by this point.

‘I…I’m not…I’ve been having doubts…about whether or not…I still…love you’

I could tell that whatever Zabini had been expecting it had not been that! I watched as her hand fell to her side away from Lestranges’ throat and stood away from her. A shadow of shock and heartache fluttered across her chocolate features.

‘What?’ she whispered.

‘No, no, no not that Crystal’ ah so the Slytherin was called crystal okay ‘no I’ve been talking to my friends, as you’ve clearly analysed, and well Will and Rose have made me realise that I should for once do what I want and not what everyone else wants me to do’

‘So you’re saying that…?’

‘I’m still very much head-over-heels in love with you’

If I had eyes I know that I’d cry, the two lovers had a very sweet heart-to-heart and worked out their problems working their way into a very dirty little adventure. I produced a comfortable bed for them to share, as they clearly needed it.

‘So…’ after three hours the silence was broken by “crystal” ‘why did you decided to stay with me?’

‘Because you’re always there when I need you, your sweet and understanding, I can’t live without you, you’re my life and my poison’


‘I can’t get enough of you even when I’m pissed at you’

‘Lucky me’ Crystal purred leaning down towards belle, a tiny releaved smile on her lips.

‘Yeah’ Lestrange kissed Crystal on the lips ‘I love you Crissi’

‘I love you too belle’

They remained in bed all night long wrapped in each others’ arms in a loving atmosphere. Once again I have helped them through their problems. Belle Lestrange and Crystal Zabini, little bee and her poison.


The end?

The End

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