Points of View @ Pilmer & Harley

Simone “Flash Heart” Tonsil was a legend.

A breed apart.

When he wasn’t fending off the evil forces of Pilmer & Harley, he was fending off the legions of women who just had to bed him. But he took it all in his exceptional stride.

After a while, the scores of adoring women started to bore his vast intellect, and he set his magnificent gaze on the gorgeous leggy girl he worked with, Elaine Bartleby.

No man had ever managed to tame this wild, free-spirited women, but as soon as Si had set his powerful sights on her, she became weak kneed and fell under his quite phenomenal spell. She knew he would free her from the shackles of her work and allow her to roam free in his kitchen for the rest of her pleasure filled life.

“I love you!” she cried as he swept her off her feet.

“Of course you do,” Si flashed her a winning smile and flexed a bicep, ripping yet another thousand dollar shirt. Those damn fashion designers just couldn’t resist sending him their clothes so they could see perfection draped around perfection.

He strode out of the building, not before booting his boss in the face with a size 14, and took her home to bed.


The End

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