Paris France; 2074, the once great city full of history, love, and life now lays in a frozen slumber, the only souls left in the city were Unity’s Joint Military troops, the 15th Mechanized Infantry Battalion. We were assigned to man the walls at point defense. Our enemy; our war; our struggle was an ironic one. No long longer did we fight for glory, peace, or for our own pitiful greed, this time we fought for survival; for the right to exist.

    It started two decades after the end of the Great Resource Wars. Humanity was for the first time in history a united people. Our technology thrived as a result, the evolution of technology was a great one; we finally had the Holy Grail in our possession after years of research, exploration, and resolve. It was crafted by the hands of humanity; a medicine to turn back and stop the aging process, it was the silver bullet to end the reign of death and the medical instruments we developed over the years harmonized with it. We were now biologically immortal.

    We hung death and put father time in a cold prison and our vanity knew no bounds. Through the streets we paraded to celebrate the end of our struggles. People no longer feared death, some even went as far as saying we had reached Godhood.

We were wrong. Mother Nature looked down at us; she was still fully capable to punish us, as any mother her responsibility was to discipline, to show us the foolish error in our way.

Several months after the medicine was mass produced and spread throughout the world people started to get sick.

At first we dismissed it as a mutation in the common flu then it became clear that it was something else. It spread faster than we anticipated,  Unity was silent and the people were calm.

In just weeks dead bodies littered the streets and before the Word Leaders could react it happened. The corpses started to move. We were brought to our knees by the awful horror, humanity could not stand against the new enemy.

In less than a couple months we were reduced to one third of our original number. Those who could escaped and fled into the fortified safe zones set up by the Remnants of Unity; we were reduced to the shadows of our once great civilizations.

Orphans cried and wept through the streets of the safe zone, it became clear. The disease only favored those who drank from the Holy Grail.

Hundreds of thousands of the youth enlisted in Unity’s Joint Military to end the suffering and take back our birthright. In military academies scattered all over the world we became the first generation of soldiers to fight the monsters. We spent years learning how to fight and learning about the disease that killed our family. In the end though it wouldn’t matter much, burnt deep into our hearts we knew that most of us would be use as cannon fodder.

When they finally gave us our marching orders none of us knew what was going to happen but one thing was clear.

We weren’t coming home.

The End

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