Looking At NothingMature

Blood is ugly on my skin
Never thought it before but now
Now look at it.

It's orange now on my skin
Trying to bleed bloody words unsaid.

Broken skin
Ripped up shin
Can't handle damn scratching, this war that I'm in.

A hand through my hair
I'm fighting my thoughts
Look at the pain that my favourite sport brought.

Scratching my knee or shin
To stop this pain, this ache within.

Swearing inside
Blaspheming with hate
Because they say they find you but when I look inside and wait,

There's nothing there.
No almighty power.
Am I unimportant? A child, not worth the hour?

My stomach's in knots and
The back pain is back
But why should that matter? My fault, mind must be too dark; too black.

And I read through poetry
Listened to Sheeran sing
And there's nothing here clever, nothing smart, nothing meaningful

I mean nothing here
As the poems and songs touch my heart, now look at me:
I mean nothing here. 

The End

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