Dying BreathMature

A silver bullet whispering silently through the air
An infantile arm tries to hold you but proves too weak
A broken note ringing from the chord of a heartfelt chorus
An empty touch staining your already tear-stained cheek

These are the moments we lose in the world
The broken notes and horrors unfurled
These are the moments we push from our minds
Caught in the back waiting for our hearts to find

The music is caught on an eternal loop
The serenade of a lost man, caught in my head
The days are too long and the nights end too fast
As I fight to stay woken but sleep takes me instead

These are the seconds which fill up our souls
Trying to guide us as mares do their foals
These are the seconds we let go with haste
Then cannot recover the steps we once traced

The dying breath of someone we once loved
The loss of the moonlight behind the grey clouds
The questions we feel in our hearts for He above
The angry screams breaking from our throats, so loud

These are the breaths that we shan't dare to take
Filled with assumption that we'll make mistakes
And that gasping feeling in the morning we wake
To find, the pills did nothing, again. We break.

These are the breaths we wish we didn't own
Finding ourselves with our thoughts, so alone
Thinking back then, we wish we would have known
The pain we'd feel and how we'd wish we could just go home. 

The End

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