If I Died TodayMature

If I died today:
So many would miss me
Is that not a lux’ry
Is that not how I want it to be?

If I died today:
That boy, he would wish he
Had the chance to kiss me
Taken the chance just so he could see

If I died today:
My ‘life’ goes to a tree
Deceased, dead, a mem’ry
My death becomes one more myst’ry

If I died today:
No exams to hurry
And to cause me worry
No longer need a “let me go” plee

If I died today:
With broken neck, leg, knee
Letting you be happy
From me, my problems, ev’rything – free

If I died today:
Would you even miss me?
Would you know I’m sorry?
Would my death just be like another day?
If that’s so then it’s okay.

Because at least if I died today
Your memories of me could eventually just fade away. 

The End

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