What You NeedMature

My life's a wreck
This day's a bore
My boyfriend sucks
My feet are sore

I've hurt my back
I'm feeling sick
My knees are weak
My friend's a prick

I need no food
I've cut myself
I am so poor
I need some wealth

I don't like girls
I don't like boys
I keep breaking
These stupid toys 

I need a hug
I need a kiss
I need some 'that'
I need some 'this'

You do not need
Any things but
It must be said,
You're in a rut.
Just be happy
With what you've got.
Do not take drugs.
Don't make a cut.

Just look around
At ev'rything
Of which you own;
Why don't you sing?

And my dear girl,
Your life's not bad -
So for once, please,
Will you just not be sad? 

The End

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