Let Her Let Go.Mature

A little limerick which I enjoyed writing.... way too much xD -

"'These cuts on my arm are for you' -
I wish that he knew that is true"
Don't you realise
That she's full of lies
These words she says are nothing new.

"'Oh my dear I miss you so' -
Words of mine he'll never know"
She wants you near
DON'T come back here
'Cause this time she won't let you go.

Hannah was a young, taken girl
Who still liked to flirt with the world
So you up and left
Her heart was your theft
For she never was just your pearl.

Now she's unsure how you're feeling
And her head is surely reeling
She won't let you go
Until she can know
How you feel/with what she's dealing

So, dear, I advise you to leave
And allow her simply to grieve
Just cut all ties
And say your goodbyes
Or she won't know what to believe 

The End

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