I'm ProudMature

It's funny because I am not worried
I am proud in fact.
Proud that I finally managed to do something bad
Something that bad
Something so bad you all tell me
"It might get infected"
"Cover it up"
"That looks terrible
Proud that it isn't a cut on my finger.
Not a cat scratch.
It's something real, something bad.
Proud that it hurts when I lean on things
A little
Not much though.
Proud that you all agree that it looks painful and
Yet I do not feel that much pain.
Proud that I am strong enough to
Rip it off
And again.
Proud that I could show you the physical pain
That I should feel
But don't.
Proud that I am now wearing my hurt
On the outside
For all of your eyes to see.

I am not worried that it will get infected
Nor that it will hurt or that I will
And hurt it more.
I am not worried at all.
Only proud.

The End

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