Us Girls Like To ColourMature

This is four different people by the way, it's not just one really messed up girl. Each of the people is at a different level of intensity; the final one being the most intense. i.e. the most f*cked up ♥-

I like to colour myself in:
Give myself much better skin
"Shades of orange" - what they say
I'd not have it another way
Hide the spots and blemishes
Just to get more messages
And happy as I spread the gunk
Knowing it gets me near some guys junk. 

I like to colour myself in:
Paint my smile - not from within.
All shades of fake found on my face
'Cause a frown won't fit that place
Good at art, it seems I am
'Cause you don't know it's a sham
Though I cry at night, at home
You'll never know what I'm like when alone. 

I like to colour myself in:
Change my hair, make myself thin
All shades you find on a rainbow
Have been put on my hair for show
But thin I don't think I will be
I have not been so far, you see
And happy as I skip a meal
Because I know how good skinny will feel. 

I like to colour myself in:
Down my legs, across my shin
Shades of red, any you'd like
You'll find across my legs tonight
Simple shapes, and as it dries
It takes away pain from my lies
And happy as I spread the blood
Falling from cuts, like a flood
And it feels warm like the first days of love. 

The End

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