I Haven't DrunkMature

I haven't drunk in ever so long
Remembering feeling ever so wrong
Thinking that I didn't belong
Knowing I lead you all along

I haven't drunk in such a long time
Finding it hard to think up a rhyme
Drinking your sorrows, that's not a crime
Yet even during I didn't feel fine.

I haven't drunk in under a year
Life has not been any more clear
Not even had a bottle of beer
Still fully taken by my own fear

I haven't drunk but I know it's there
On the shelf, under the stairs
Calling me to, if I dare
Take something. I'm fully aware.

I haven't drunk, or thought of it
In my life it didn't fit
But now I fall back in this pit
Wondering, just a bit?

I haven't drunk in quite a while
That girl at school, she was quite vile
No problem? She's in denial.
Trying to force up some bile.

I haven't drunk, but I may do.
It didn't help, maybe that's true
To forget, to get me through.
And though my feelings are nothing new,
I've got to try, you agree, don't you?

The End

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