Free In This Darkened StreetMature

This street I walk down
It's darkened
Blackened by the night
And by my fears.
The fears I place in the back of my mind
But they find my here
In this darkened street

There are no people
But the people I meet
Are at the end
Waiting for me to break through
They can see me here
Fearful in this darkened street

To the right I see you
Your heart stops
The blood flows
You are dying and I can do nothing
Nothing but watch
In this darkened street

And to the left
I see him throw your body
And you hit the wall
Bones break and you fall limp
So limp
To the floor where I stare
Alone now in this darkened street

I take a step
To free myself
And there you are
With a gun to my head
My head not yours
My only pleasure
Pleasure to be free from the pain you own
Pleasure to be free
Away from this darkened street
Pleasure to be free
Away from your darkened street
Pleasure to be free
A gun shot.
I'm free. 

The End

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