hard job to doMature

Did you ever hear something hard to put into words?

Poetry is a good thing. It seems a little lame.

If it's not easy to put into words, write poetry.

Did you travel to India to kill Muslim women?
It must be easy for you. That is not my job.
I don't understand that.
You have a hard job to do.

Chicken or fish are good things. You didn't feel like hunting down a piece of beef?

So, you killed a Muslim women instead. Fuck you!

That is not what I do.

You must have a hard job to do.

It's like a meatball! There is a cerebellum, a cerebrum, and a whole brain!

She probably has a whole brain, and it is bigger than you.
You can't boil some spaghetti and   stay home? It's like you don't want to watch football even though it on every channel right in front of you.
You must have a hard job to do.

Don't lie to her, or hit her!
And, don't kill her.

Run from her!
Her brain is prettier than you.

But, you like to kill Muslim women.
That is not what I like to do.

You must have a hard job to do.

The End

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