Poetrose- Dancing in the Sky

Mixture of poetry and prose
The sky, the fairy...make of it what you please!

(Authors note- Something Im trying out, adding poerty and prose into one. Tell me how it looks!!)

Purple dawn on yellow shore
The stars are waning to sleep.
Out her eyes
Like glitter shines
She intertwines her arms with clouds deep.
Her white hair greets the morning sky, her blue ocean eyes gaze at the sun. She grins, like a child in her mother’s arms as she bounds into the sky, lifting her slender body to embrace the day light.
On her toes, she prances in its deep blue shades, whirling in the royal colours, weaving the clouds into strange shapes as she races the birds to the looming moon. Her wings like an angels, tinted blue, wash against the sky with pride.
Look, she doesn’t hide from the prying eyes,
Who look on with sincerity
Into the above scenery
At the creatures as she is meant to be
Dancing in the sky.

The End

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