New Day

This is a collection of poems in which I praise and petition to God in prayers for the things in my life.

Each new day that I rise from my bed,

Is another opportunity for me to thank my God

For letting me live to see the sun once more

And for everything that He has in store for me today.


Each new day that I am alive,

Is another chance I have to praise the Lord.

To sing of the infinite grace He's given me,

The exceedingly abundant blessings He's bestowed,

And His limitless and relentless love for me.


Each new day that I am able to work,

Is another possibility I get to glorify my King.

With everything I say,

In anything I do,

No matter where I go,

Or what I'm going through.


Each new day that I can live,

That I can speak,

That I can move,

That I can breathe,

Is another day for me to live my new life for Christ,

And let His Spirit live within me.

The End

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