Poems for Hallowe'en

A few short poems for Hallowe'en, or Samhain, as it was called by the Celts.

       For Samhain (Hallowe'en)

Behold the magick of Sahwain,
That time of year is here again,
So celebrate - remember when
You held the magick of Samhain.

                      Broom Flight

That magic time has come again,
A time of terror and of fright,
So celebrate a glad Samhain,
But don't fall off your broom tonight.  

                  For Hallowe'en

Ghouls and goblins in the green,
And now and then a ghost is seen,
And dancing skeletons so lean,
So enjoy a scary Hallowe'en.       

                A Pleasant Fright

Celebrate this darkest night,
With just a touch of pleasant fright,
And watch for witches in their flight,
Underneath the moon's pale light.

The End

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