poem of tidesMature


EXT.  Fade in. At a disserted beach one cold night, Joe a young but roughly dressed man wakes up to find he isn’t where he remembers he was. He is in a drunken hung over state (Music playing in background once he starts to sit up) staring at the water.


JOE Voiceover

Huh? (Looking around in a circle) How did I end up at the sea shore?

Where the water and rocks battle in war,

With the sea tides ready in attack,

Crackling on stones like broken backs,

Or even a stream train rolling over tracks

The arctic wind blowing amongst the cracks,

How is my own memory so unclear?

Looks down on the floor and sees a bottle of beer on the floor next to him


Maybe it’s the beer that I hold so dear,  

I kept ingesting beyond being cheery,

The uncertainty must be my debt clearly!

(Grabbing head) the knock to my head makes my eyes so dreary.

I don’t have an understanding, let alone a theory,

A last, there is no loss of crimson life

Gushing through my veins, and arteries this night

Gloomy is the feeling of the cursed moon, this night.

Hopefully I’ll seek salvation into the light.

Oh well I’m sat here alone, far away from home,

Not willing to wait to embrace that, that can’t be known



Joe still sitting looks left and right. He then stands up and walks in a circle trying to gather his bearings


For the love of Christ.

Still puzzled expression on his face, he looks and see’s a food retailer, his stomach begins to grumble. He licks his lips. He now finds the stairwell to the promenade and smiles. Joe begins to head towards the stairwell, but he staggers out of drunkenness and falls on his face

Joe Voiceover

Have these limps of mine given way, edges of mine begin to fray,

Through the cloud and fogs come some transparent days,

Loathing and lack of self esteem will go away.




 Joe gets up walks to the bottom of the stairs and he begins to search his pockets looking for his wallet. Shock look on this face.


Oh shit!


Joe begins to think, scratches his head.


So where is it? It must be around here somewhere.


Joe begins to back track the spot where he had been laying, looking on the ground to see if his wallet is there.

He walks for 10 seconds in one direction and 10 seconds in the other. He sighs and walks back to the stairwell





Win some lose some.

Joe starts walking up the stairs and on the promenade to find someone to ask where he is. There is no one around and the road is empty from cars. A lady is walking in his direction but is some distant away, Joe sees the lady as some kind of demonic smudge in the distance. This has got him panicked.


 Joe Voiceover

Finally there stands the demon that has come for me,

Not man, woman or even banshee,


The Lady walks closer in Joe’s direction he turns and begins to walk forward. Staggering on his way, he keeps turning back and notices she is gaining on him.


Shady disposition this creature has,

Following me on this torrid overpass

The quicker I march, the sooner he gain on myself,

No liquid courage and unable to seek help,

Into the shadows I must go, where I dread

 Fear for this creature, may cause me to be dead.


Piss off, GO AWAY!

The lady looks a little startled and crosses the road to avoid Joe. Joe still stares at her walking across the road from where he is. A second person this time a man is walking in the opposite direction towards Joe

Joe Voiceover

So at quick paste I shall decent,

For sins of old I shall not repent

 Twist and turns down these streets of trouble,

No place has salvation or hiding not even a cupboard.



Where is it you’re coming from? Dark smudgy thingy.

Joe begins to cross the road and staggers, once he gets across the road he turns down on some off roads. Continuously looking back to see where the smudge is.


Joe (Voiceover)

Heavens and hells remove this creation from my mind,

Inner piece isn’t always easy enough to find.

Is the sin of a sinner, worth a lot?

In this darkness of my mind, I will rot.


Joe begins to run full pace but when he turns back looking for the smudge.




Joe turns down a few roads, still looking for someone for help. Worried and scared he keeps looking back, he runs into a brick wall. Collapse on the floor the camera Fade’s out.

The End

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