March 1st; My Mind's Eye and I

My blood rushes heavily for these moments.
Lying soft in my bed with the one I love;
her hair embracing her shoulders.
Our skin's bare glossiness glows in moonlight,
and those trails of sweat define our smooth silhouettes
in the sweetest candle light flickering across the room.
Her breath deepens and widens with each sensual melody,
and in that moment, I see a time in my mind not long ago.
A time spent between two friends, me and him.
Roads felt our feet and they became familiar,
and the goings on in town, though strange,
had a sting on my tongue with gossip-on-a-whim.
Between our minds a connection felt understanding;
witholding what we didn't know, and renewing that which we did.
This understanding was enigmatic in a woman's world,
but denying a breath of tongue would be absurd.
And with those thoughts finished, so was she,
as we rolled over and in between our unclean sheets.
Our minds intwined, somehow thinking, "Was that great?"
but she knew from my deep focused expression
that I was thinking about him again.

The End

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