February 23rd; Moses, My Sea

Moses led families through peril,
and in the process named them all:

The woman draped with a shaw-
made from the wool of a sheep.
He named her "Vulnerable",
and that was her name to keep.

The man under an expensive umbrella-
woven with silk from far across Asia.
He named this man "Ostentatous",
and this was his name for ages.

A boy crossing between the knees of camels-
his sandals made from the reeds of the Nile.
He named the careless boy "Imprudent",
and that name would go without trial.

The strange family with nothing in their purse-
a purse made from leather off the back of cattle.
He had given this family the name "Humble",
and their name couldn't be contravened at all.

Of the ones he hadn't named, I didn't see-
those many unnamed became history.
And with his staff held up high above his voice,
Moses spread the sea, my mind, and it convened.

All the lessons I learned from my friends and family-
all the teachers and people in my life-
passed gently between ripples on the water's edges.
I saw those people pass forgivingly into the sea.

They stared into my mind, and from the waves,
I saw their faces light up with joy.
At last, those people would no longer be oppressed,
but be given names of their choice.

The End

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