February 2nd; The Last Breath Song

That last breath is the song
that keeps you alive as I dance
to the one sitting on the throne;
king of dismay and disaster.

ah hah ah hah
ah hah

And I'm afraid of what would happen
if breathing couldn't soothe the strain
of what breathing does to my own air
that's left for me in this sealed place.

I can still hear your chest gaining
on my lifetime trying to catch my own
bit of air from the emptiness inside
both the sucumber and ourselves.

ah hah ah hah
ah hah

One more word and you'll descend
the chasm so diligently locked
while I'm left to watch your body
fall apart under a ticking clock.

I'm still laying by you as your chest
takes so few and weak a breath,
but when you close your eyes to fein,
I'll be able to see myself again.

ah hah ah hah
ah hah

The End

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