Undercover world.

Now nick had told me all about the underground going's on here, and at first I hadn't believed him. George town was quite idyllic, a romantic kinda setting full old style wooden buildings, on the waterfront. Not built up but looking like they had come straight from Louisiana.

Behind the front, of fancy expensive restaurants, and nightlife that looked so demure and picturesque all lit up at night. Owned and ran as much of the islands were by multimillionaire business men. Escaping to the tax haven it was. Off shore money laundering, drug trafficking the Caymans had it all.

Nick had kept his head down for the 8years that he had been here.

‘Outta trouble’ and joked that he ‘stays well clear of anyone’s wife’ as to not step on anyone’s toes. But he was the kinda guy that girls and women alike followed with their eyes as he walks on past. As we walked all long the main docking area, admiring the huge Yacht that had moored for the weekend, he would slip his arm around my shoulder and we had laughed about the glamorous women giving me the evil eye of jealousy. Me dressed in my cropped shorts, no make up, hair loose and wild, t- shirt short and tight. Not trying to be sexy, while these women had it all. The hair done the make up, the nails, looking like they just stepped out from the salon, more model material than deck hand. But the rich they were, enjoying their playboy/girl lifestyle, heading out into the town for the evenings entertainment.

But as we sat in a little restaurant just off the main strip, not as flash as the others, but even better in the fare that was on offer. With local works of art decking the walls, promoting and trying to help what few local there is left. Nick pointed out several people who passed and who at all costs shouldn’t be crossed.

For here they didn’t stand out from the crowd, they blended in with the drippings of luxury that this island paradise had so become. Over Langoustines’ with chilli, fresh Lobster and fine wine, Nick told me how he had been asked and offered more money than he needed to live to train a group of men. To dive the oceans deep around these waters, for purposes other than fun. As he said on many occasions he had come across divers in unusual places, underwater, flagging areas, and transporting huge packages, into underwater caves for storage. But you’d never breathe a word to anyone. As even the undercover security, was not all it seemed on this isle. As anyone could be bought off for a named price, and sometimes the price you paid for talking was death.

The End

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