Steep n deep.

            Nick's boat. The Steep 'n Deep. I'm willing to bet it was coquetry - arrogant innuendo. Another oh-so-subtle attempt to woo his female clientèle. Yet still, my brother is a good man. Believe it. I do.

            My diving partner, however, was not a good man. Or so I reckon. For starters, Max reminds me of my ex. All right, let me come clean. I never officially broke up with him. I told him I would be back in two weeks. And, as I said, it has been six months. And Max, well, he looked familiar. Too familiar. He had the same sharp nose as Anthony. The same brown eyes, of granite depth. His face was narrower - and perhaps even more easy on the eyes. And then I realized where I'd seen him before. Anthony's luxurious apartment - the photograph in his study. This man was from a family photo.

            "What's your name again?" Max asked me as we suited up.

            "Jessica," I lied, hastily. It would suffice - at least for the moment. I reckoned I matched some description he'd been given.

            And that was all he bothered to say to me. The rest was business. All rubber, tanks and water. A splash here, a dive there. And my mind was - well, I must admit, I'm rather paranoid. The joke didn't help. Nick had sent my thoughts tail-spinning deeper than we were diving. And it was either a very small world; or Anthony had been using his inheritance, six-and-a-half digit pay-check and convenient lottery winnings to track me down. Must have been a questionable search warrant, and some internet history to browse. Or maybe my credit card history. Better yet, maybe Mom told him.

            No, I should push it all to the back of my mind. Enjoy the diving. The scenic plunge and the colours. Beautiful colours.

The End

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