In The Record ShopMature

 "Got it... Got it... Got it... Got it..." My best friend muttered as he shuffled through the stack of old vinyl.

 "Will you shut up?!" I whispered. "Why do you have to always mutter to yourself? It's weird. People are staring at you."

 Keith looked around suddenly, through the long hair that covered his face. He seemed to just now be aware that he was out in public, with other people around. "Oh... right. Sorry Rick. Just having trouble concentrating... so loud in here!" He grinned, showing me crooked teeth and a few places where teeth should have been from a fist fight in the 8th grade.

I looked at him, ridiculously. "What are you talking about?! Nobody's talking, which is why you're being so annoying muttering like that!" One thing you should know about Keith, he's a strange guy. Brilliant, but strange. He's always drifting off in mid thought or staring off into space. But he's about the only one I know who can tune a guitar with no tuner.

 "Well I think you're making a lot more noise shouting at me than when I was muttering..." He mumbled, returning his gaze to the albums and forgetting me and the rest of the world once again.

 I sighed, annoyed and returned to looking at the old Cream album in my hands, but I kept my gaze focused on Keith. How could he be so frustrating yet so perfect? Almost everybody who knew him fell in love with him. He was funny, smart, creative, talented, sweet, and very handsome. I always was sort of jealous of him, though god knows I would never tell him that!


The End

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