Is Anybody In There?Mature

The rise and fall of the world's less than greatest rock band.

  I never could figure out how we got to where we are now. But I guess, it's the same place that we started: sprawled out around John's basement listening to The Who and pretending to be somewhere else. For a time, short as it was, we were living the dream: playing big shows, adoring fans, and talk shows. We were happy and rich and arrogant beyond belief. I guess having your names on hipster shirts will do that to a man.

 I'll try to piece together the story as best I can for you. Some of it will slip my mind, some of it will be exaggerated, and some of it may even be rearranged, taken out, and put back at an awkward angle. But one thing's for sure: It will be a hell of a story.

 So, if you want to know the sad, slightly hilarious, tragic tale of a washed up rock and roll band then by all means listen to what I have to say. And even if you don't want to know, I'll tell it anyway.

The End

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