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An action packed adventure in which the sun blows up and kills all of the population except for two middle aged men; but creates a wormhole to another universe sending two middle aged men to another version of earth, in which they find a way to blend in and not draw attention in their adventure to survive.

“Dave wake up! We have to at least be minorly productive and clean the house.” Said Aaron. “No, I don’t wanna move. It’s eight in the morning on a saturday. Who is even up right now?” Exclaimed Dave. “I’m up and you are too, George is at work so let’s do our part.” Aaron stated. Dave stands up and walks to the bathroom. “I’ll be out in a minute and then *sigh* I guess we will get started on the house.” Said Dave. “Let’s see what we have to eat” Aaron says to himself under his breath. Aaron opens the fridge “Hmm bacon and eggs or cereal and milk…… bacon and eggs.” Aaron thinks to himself.”HEY DAVE WERE HAVING BACON AND EGGS REAL QUICK BEFORE WE GET STARTED CLEANING.” Aaron screams to Dave.” OH OK COOL, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME. ”Dave screams to Aaron, Aaron pulls the bacon and eggs out of the fridge, he pulls out a pan and puts four pieces of bacon on it, he then puts it aside and turns on the stove, he then sets the bacon on the stove and cracks a few eggs into a bowl and stirs them with a fork. *sizzle* “Ooh the bacon is sure is cooking nice isn’t it” Aaron tells Dave who is now out of the bathroom next to him. ”Yes it is” says Dave. ”Hey could you start cooking the eggs, I’m gonna go check the weather outside. ” Says Aaron. “Yeah no problem, go ahead” says dave to aaron as he pours the eggs into a pan. ”Ok thanks man i’ll be right back” says aaron as he quickly rushes out of the door. “Whoa it’s getting kind of warm out here. Oh gosh this is weird, I am sweating in the middle of winter.” Aaron thinks to himself. He looks up and sees the sun combusting.”UUHHHH DAVE!!” “What's the matter man; jeez calm doWN WHAT IS HAPPENING? GET INSIDE, NOW!” Says dave as he rushes outside and quickly back in after seeing the sun explode. “To the bathroom it is the safest place in the house. ”says Aaron

”I’m going for the bacon” says Dave as he grabs the bacon then dashes into the bathroom. *vvvvvvt pshhh* The house gets vaporized, they both close their eyes. Suddenly the room becomes dark the lights come back on they are suddenly in the middle of a field. “What just happened” Dave exclaimed. ”I don’t know but i'm scared Dave. ” Says Aaron. They both look around and see a city, and dave forgot he had his pen and notepad in his back pocket.”We need to get to that city it seems safe.” Says Aaron. “ I left my notepad and my pencil in my pocket, if we die out here people could see why” exclaims Dave. “This is not the time, Dave” Says Aaron angrily to dave. This is the narrator bidding all of you a farewell it is time for dave to shine.

Journal entry day 1: Today we started our adventure into town, every now and then we hear faint screaming. We fear it is in the city, but we have to see for ourselves. I don’t know how were gonna make it, it is so far. Well that’s all for today, whoever picks this up

Journal entry day 2: we have made it a great distance we hear more screaming from the city. We are scared but we have to find out. Even though we’ve made it a long way we still ahve many miles to go… good thing we have the bacon.

Journal entry day 5: we’ve made it to the city….. It seems we were right about the screaming, there is an evil in this town. There are thjese people dressed in all black who torture this town, and the people wont fight back we managed to make it underground as soon as we realized. Thats all for a few days.

Journal entry day 8: It seems there was a rebelion on the lower streets of this city. Their goal is to help the people. They are the people.

To be continued

The End

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