Princess, Your Chariot Awaits

As Captain Salinger got the jump on the fiendish Mistress Malicious, the wise and powerful Princess Ginny, who had recently had her mind restored to its former glory, found herself alone in a field of sleeping zebras. And she gasped, “I need to find Captain Salinger! At once!” Harnessing her telepathic powers, she did just that. It took no more than a second to pinpoint his exact location.

With haste she made her way to her motorcycle which was parked nearby. The fastest and most ferocious motorcycle in the world. A chopper fit for a queen. The young and beautiful Princess Ginny revved the engine before she and the hog blasted down the city streets as loud as thunder. Her lustrous mahogany hair whipped in the wind, and her gorgeous amaranthine eyes glistened. At top speed she careened down every avenue and promenade, until she eventually found the venue and the bold Salinger therein. Slowing down, she brought her bike alongside the captain and his forlorn prisoner. Ginny smirked and asked Salinger, “Need a ride?

The End

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