Arresting Mistress Malicious

Bringing his lips to the microphone, Salinger's eyes fell back upon the belle with the bob and the bell-bottoms as she fled the stage. Suddenly he recognised her as an agent of Doctor Insidious. Someone he would have noticed immediately had it not been for her tranquilising melody. Mistress Malicious. But now that he knew he was under her spell, its soothing power could no longer lull him into that symphonic purgatory. Instantaneously, Captain Salinger broke his paralysis, drew his pulse weapon, and fired into a crowd of children. Which as we all well knew, were actually holograms, so the blast knocked only Malicious onto her backside. Effectively putting a stop to the syren's song.

In a flash, Salinger leapt off the stage and subdued Malicious, tying her wrists with the microphone's cord. “We meet again, Mistress Malicious. It seems I am now impervious to your entrancing wiles. Your bewitching sorcery. But never mind that now, temptress! By order of the Transdimensional Guild, I am placing you under arrest. Though first you're going to confirm what year it is, and where I can find the Princess.” To which the charmer hissed in reply, “Spare me your exposition! I will kill you next time!”

The End

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