Sweet Music

Captain Salinger slowly oriented himself. He was outside, that much was certain. The sun shone with a fierce intensity, and the grass, though green, was beginning to look dead and scorched at the ends. "It's summer, then." he said to himself. "But summer when? And where?" Hungry for information, Captain Salinger studied the strange pentagonal buildings that lined both sides of a black strip. The buildings were made of red rock and had large squares of glass arranged in rectangles in places across the front. 

Suddenly, sweet music filled the air. It was a beautiful melody, and it drew him in like siren song. A great white box on wheels rolled around the corner. Children began to pour from the buildings, screaming and cheering. Many of them clutched silver circles or green rectangles. Captain Salinger watched in wonder as they exchanged their shapes for brightly colored THINGS which they proceeded to eat. Salinger's stomach rumbled. 

The End

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