A Zebra's Tale

Insidious turned to the spaceship's mainframe, clearly irritated: "Yes, what else, Stevejobs?" "Are you ready for the bad news?"

Two hundred years below, Ginny was staging a comeback of her own. If being mauled by a pack of ferocious zebras fazed her, the princess side of herself, now gaining ascendancy, wasn't about to show it. Seconds before herb-honed teeth ripped into the flesh of her vulnerable throat, her mind went into high gear. Zebras aren't normally aggressive creatures, right? So why are these so mental? Wait... that's it! By stepping with her ionized foot on a striped beetle, Ginny 2.0 must have rattled the cage of every banded living thing within bio-chronological range. It's a miracle her whole city wasn't stampeded out of existence... or was it? Ginny's fingers dipped into her pocket, where her secret weapon was. She withdrew her iPod Touch, switched to the jazz station, and maxed the volume. Monk and Coltrane at Carnegie Hall- perfect! Soon, a satisfied smile played on her weary lips, as she watched the last zebra clonk onto its side, fast asleep.

The End

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