Captain Salinger Versus Doctor Insidious

As Ginny was busy being eaten alive by a zeal of zebras, the dashing Captain John "Good Guy" Salinger was fifty million miles away. With problems of his own. His spacecraft, the Guardian, was collapsing all around him as he struggled at the controls. Once he lost the shields, he would be a dead man. Then over the intercom, he heard something he didn’t want to hear. Something he already knew. From the assailing ship, the Cloud of Darkness, sounds of a treacherous laugh, and pointless exposition from his nemesis, the evil Doctor Insidious filled the bridge. “Ha ha ha ha ha! It is I! Your nemesis! The evil Doctor Insidious! Your shields are failing, Salinger; you have but seconds to live! What’s more, my evil associates, Ginny 2.0, and my dazzle of talking, man-eating blond zebras are about to destroy the Princess! Two hundred years ago! You have lost, Captain! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Salinger chuckled in reply, “I have a few more tricks up my sleeve yet, Doctor! Watch this.” He turned to his left, “Random crew member, activate the time jumper!” The Guardian exploded. But with his last act, that random crew member pulled a lever teleporting Captain Salinger very far away from the ship, and a long time ago...

The End

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