whats going on

       Ginny wondered what was happening.  But no matter what happened she jumped on the zebra-ish creature.Yeah it was a magical talking zebra,  Ginny thought,  He seems nice.  As the zebra was getting used to Ginny's weight,  the invisible Ginny 2.0 stepped forward,  her face changed into the face of a gargoyle.  Blood sprayed over the invisible woman's clothes.

"Ha," she cried in a weird deep, croaky voice, "you fell for it,  finally there can only be one."

      Suddenly a huge herd of zebras rushed towards Ginny,  pushing her onto the ground. Ginny struggled to be free but no matter what she did she was digging herself deeper into the hole,  literally. She felt like she was digging a grave for herself.  The zebras gnawed on her flesh and shirt. what am I to do, Ginny thought, what to do.  

The End

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