Oh Dear Lord

Ginny couldn't help but stare at the space where the woman's hands should have been. When she had gloves on, she appeared to have normal hands like anyone else, but when she removed them, there was nothing there.  It was as if her hands were invisible.  Or they're made out of wind, Ginny considered numbly.  The woman gave Ginny a pitying glance and raised an arm.

"Ginny, run!  Don't just stand there!" A horse galloped to her side out of nowhere, and it seemed, though it couldn't be, Ginny sniggered to herself, that the horse had yelled at her to flee.  How silly.  It was a cremello, seeing as it appeared to be a blonde zebra.  She couldn't help but admire it, since she might be slightly obsessed with animals, but only slightly.  "This fiend is the you from the future who follows that green-striped beetle!" The horse whinnied again.  "That's why she crushed the beetle!  So there couldn't be two of you!" Yep, she definitely wasn't hallucinating about the zebra talking to her.  It stood in front of her protectively and pawed the ground as threateningly as it could manage in the direction of the woman.  

The End

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