Ginny, the Beetle and the Lass Out of Nowhere

Ginny approached a little black beetle with a green stripe on its back, ready to poke at it with a stick. All the while cursing the weather gods for the heat and the swelter they wrought upon the whole of the rubbish. However, she was suddenly pleased when the wind let go of its doldrum, and picked up a squall. Whipping about the breeze, throwing garbage and scaring birds it was so powerful. But not the beetle, strangely. And certainly not a brave girl like Ginny. She held fast. She held tight. Even as she saw a shape begin to form. Out of the motes and dust and sunlight, and ozone and all the particles in the air. Spinning about together. 

This whirlwind, this maelstrom, quickly turned like dancers until the shape was more a figure. With arms and legs and a face! A woman! My goodness! thought Ginny. Out of nowhere. And the lass checked her watch, like she meant to appear randomly in the park, squishing the little black beetle with the green stripe as she did so. Though Ginny suspected it was not a watch at all, but rather a time machine. And she stretched her hand down to Ginny and she said, "Come with me Princess Ginny. You're in grave danger."

The End

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