Plots, Snippets and Random writing

Just someplace to put stuff I need to put into writing, and Microsoft Office just doesn't seem to be doing it for me. If you're reading this, I can't imagine why . . . it can't be very good. Thank for reading it though!! If you want to rate, that would be total awesomeness.

-Cay xo)

Silence. I walk down the street, dog leash in hand, in pure silence. The wind plays with my hair, lifting it up then placing it back down on my shoulders. My dog pulls on the lead, and I pull back saying "with me!", telling him to walk beside me and not infront of me.

Percipitation comes from the sky, it seems to rest in the air before it hits me, wetting my face. I try to dry my dog, wipe some of it off of him, but he is constantly getting covered. My boots crunch on the ground as I enter the park by the Marina.

The benches are new, I've never seen them before. We walk through the park, the lake is quiet and a cold mist hangs over it. There are name plates on the benches and as I wipe them off, it seems that most of them contain "in loving memory of . . .". When I finish I make the sign of the cross and whisper good-bye to the people.

I walk to the end of the docks, back to the road just off of my street. Large flakes hit my face and they're freezing, but I'm not cold. The snow is beautiful, the snow is relaxing. I want to stay here all night, but of course, my legs get too cold and I can't stay out any longer. I have to leave this winter wonderland.

The End

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