My Life

Main Character:

  • 15 year old Helen. Wants to be a scholar but isn't allowed.


  • Aeneas. 23. General in the Spartan army. Supposed to marry Helen.

OKAY SO LISTEN UP IF YOU'RE READING THIS!!! This story is fictoinal! It's set in ancient Greece. No facts are correct, I apologize to any Helen of Troy enthusiastes! I know that none of these facts are correct.

At 15 years old, Helens parents plan on marrying her to a 23 year old army general. Helen doesn't want to marry him and insists on being a scholar. Her request for knowledge goes unanswered however, because she's female. She's told to give up, woman are onyl meant to cook,clean and bear children. A week before the wedding, Helen fakes her own death.          She runs away to Sparta. Changing her identity and gender, she joins the Spartan army. Helen becomes one of the greatest warriors and is soon training under a much harder general - the very reason she left in the first place - her ex-fiance. Eventually she comes clean about everything. She marries Paris and becomes Helen of Troy.

The End

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