• Main Character:
  • Jessica Love/Kassie Marks. Brother killed her parents and abused her. She ran away and is now in the Witness protection program


  • Eddie Love. Jessicas brother. Is looking for Jessica and has been for the past year. He doesn't want her to tell anyone anything. He wants to kill her.
  • Officer Jeremy Fields: The FBI agent that Jessica/Kassie goes to for help. He set her up in the witness protection program.
  • Amanda Herley: Jessica/Kassies best friend for the past few years. Knew that something was wrong with Jessica/Kassie  as soon as she moved into the neighbourhood, but she doesn't know what.

Basically everything is said in the character descriptions. Jessica Loves' brother killed her parents. He abused her for years until eventually she ran away. She ran straight to the FBI who put her in the Witness Protection Program. That was 6 years ago. She is now 19.

The End

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