Plots, Future stories, Future Characters

Basically this isn't a story. It's somewhere for me to write down my plots and ideas for future stories. I don't mind if you read it.. You can tell me which one's you'd want to read :)

Main character:   

  • 16 year old female, Dylan Daltrate. Friends call her "Dominate"


  • Aaron. 16. New kid, shares some classes with Dylan. He likes her. Doesn't like Erik
  • Erik. 16. Friends with Dylan for 5 years or so. Likes her but doesn't know how to tell her. Doesn't like Aaron.
  • Celeste: 16. Best friends with Dylan since JK. Likes Aaron.

Aaron asks Dylan out. Erik get's pissed and starts acting weird. The book is mostly about Dylan and Erik, fighting and becoming friends again. Obviously there will be more drama between Erik and Aaron. Maybe a fight or two.                   Feeling upset, Dylan doesn't want anyone else to feel like she did, so she sets up open_ears@ to help others who need someone to turn to. No one knows who's e-mail address it is, but it's posted up around the school along with a message: If you need someone to listen to you but you don't know where to go, e-mail me.  The e-mail address is great. She helps lots of people blah blah blah. She get's an e-mail that says: "I killed someone" / "I saw a murder"/ "Someone was murdered"

                                  End of Book


The End

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