City ahead

The gentle breeze blew softly around my ankles as I felt pale yellow leaves tickle my feet. A sweet fragrance floated in the air like spring, so strange yet so familiar. My hands tightened slightly then relaxed when I realised I wasn't clutching anything. As if stalking each other, my feet collapsed the delicate leaves on the damp ground one after another, and made a crisp rustling sound.

Buildings stood next to each other silently, it seemed deserted. My eyes flew to the side, staring into the empty roads branching off the main street. I strained my ears, then heard a few cars further down the street. It was a long one, I'd be walking a while till I left the deserted part of this city. Birds overhead screeched at me, as if I was intruding on their property, perhaps I was. My walk was slow, the endless houses and buildings attached to each other looked lonely. A bicycle came into sight. A teenager sat on it, pedalling furiously, and looked back every now and then. Behind him followed three more boys, all on bikes. They yelled at each other, encouragements and such. Then the bikers rode off behind me, and I was left with myself, the birds and the lonely street.

The End

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