You are a young lady who has left home. That is all by way of plot, I want this story to focus only on Setting and chracter, No plot allowed, well, at least kept to bare minimum...

I looked around my warm, familier lounge. The fireplace was near empty, the final embers dying in the grate causing the many faded photographs to flicker and sile up at me. I breathed in deep the heavy dank air that had become almost a part of me over the years.

I picked up the dusty suitcase that was waiting in the corner of the clutered room, underneath stacks of well-worn books and DVD's, items that had swallowed whole days of my life. It is too my credit that I didn't regret a single chick-flick. I lifted the case away from the clutter that fell on the floor creating yet more disorder.

I thought for a second, then put the pre-packed case back down. Before walking out alone and empty handed.

The summer rain misted up the windows and created a humid haze over the street. My clothes were soon damp from the tiny droplets that were scattered throughout the sky, I took this in for a second, turning my head to the heavens to cool my face then I proceeded on my walk. The cars that drove past me kicked small splashes of water onto the pavement that didn't last very long due to the hot setting sun.

I continued along the all too nostalgic streets, willing them to surprise me, to twist in some odd way. But they didn't, they remained quiet, and familier, and so very, very dull. So I just kept on, tormented by my own lonely footsteps, the night fast setting in and painting the sky with all of it's radient shades and drenching the world in a blanket of peace.

As I continued throughout the night with no aim, no purpose, I felt my heart lift with the sound of the night birds as I saw unfamilier land, a brand new city.

The End

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