" A rhetoric story about a man and his battles. "

He sat in the old creaky chair, rocking his young daughter to sleep. When he was certain she was in slumber, he arose from his chair. The chair let a short creak, he slowly walked out of his daughter's room. As he walked out of the door, hand barely grasping the door knob, but so, just enough he could close the door. Before the door closed, he took one wistful glance at his sleeping daughter, as if it was his last.He entered the kitchen, reached in his old worn cupboards for a pair of brown rimmed glasses, he put them on. Then, he sat at the kitchen table and began shuffling through papers bills with the label "overdue" and "final notice", and medical bills for his daughter's chemotherapy. He rose from the kitchen table, threw his glasses to the kitchen wall, they shattered. Frustrated, he retreated to the restroom and washed his face, whiped his face dry with a rough towel he slowly lifted his head from the sink and took  a gaze into the mirror, he began to create a fierce expression on his face, he slammed the towel down, and ran down the stairs.In the basement, he opened a dusty crate and took out a shiny silver Smith and Wesson, a combat knife, and a lockett. As he lifted the lockett his heart became heavy, he opened the lockett and began to weep as he looked at the unkown woman in photo, he closed his eyes and muttered "No more".He closed the crate and walked to the closet, quickly changed to the only suit hanging in the closet.

The all black suit, stainless, as if it has never been worn. He tucked the Smith and Wesson inside of his suit pocket along with the combat knife. He clutched the lockett and stuffed it into his back pocket. He rushed out of the basement door and into his brown sedan.He drove to the First Bank of Truman, before exiting his vehicle he closed his eyes, removed the lockett from his back pocket, and clutched it in his right palm. The guards looked at him with a peculiar look, they approached him and said;"State your business sir," eyes still closed, he said nothing."Sir" said the guard.He opened his eyes, his menacing eyes startled the guard, Swiftly he grabbed the Smith and Wesson from the inside of his suit pocket, placed to the right window where the guard is standing, and fired a shot, he hit directly in the guard's forehead. The other guards reacted, and rushed towards the sedan. He exited the vehicle, and saw the four guards running towards him, he ran a sequence in his head, and fired four shots in a five second interval, four guards were downed. The alarms were sounded, the entire forty-story building was in panic. He entered the building, Three guards on his right, three on the left, he shot the desk clerk, immobilizing him, he ran and hid under the desk, kicked it knocking over the three guards on the left, and he fired the three shots all downed the guards the right, he emptied the magazine and threw it at the guard coming out of the elevator hitting him in the eye. He reloaded the handgun and shot the guard. And headed towards the stairs.The police began entering, almost out of ammo, he ran into a guard on his way up the stairs began to engage in hand to hand combat, every time the guard swung he matched his swing, eventually he stole the guard's taser and tased him, he let the guard fall down the stairs, he continued running up the stairs, on the 10th floor, he was completely surrounded, he dropped his gun and stood in the middle of the room."Don't move" said the guard,"On your knees".He dove behind the brown office desk as the guards began to fire, he removed his combat knife from his suit pocket, ran to the nearest guard, with the knife to his neck, and retreated towards the stairs before reaching the first step, he took the guard's gun fromh is belt and shot him in his back and ran up the stairs, at this time the police, and the bank guards were on him. He finally reached his destination, the store room,  there he was in a room full of cash, he got two duffle bags from the supply closet and filled them both with bills, he used the emergency exit to return to the backyard of the bank, he stood before a previously dug hole, before he could do anything he heard "Stop!".He turned around faced more than forty guards and police officers, he said "I give up" and threw them the bag of bills. They crept to him and handcuffed him and led him back to the front of the building, the only way to the front is through the building. Halfway through the building, He used the combat knife to free himself from the hand cuffs and stole the weapons of the two police officers escorting him and shot them both, and darted towards the stairs, reaching the twentieth floor. He stood in front of a large glass window overlooking the city, he broke the window, with the weapons and jumped, and landed on the brown hay hut, and ran towards the sedan, and drove off. The police and guards, finally made it to the Twentieth floor, to find nothing, but broken glass. A block away from the bank, he opened the lockett, and pressed the button to make the picture change, The entire bank exploded, glass, money, people, all burned.He finally returned home, no money, nothing, Later that night, he returned the back of the bank, dug into the previously dug hole and retrieved, a duffle bag, and a newspaper titled "Woman killed by Bank Teller", in their place, he buried the Lockett in his back pocket. 

The End

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