Please hang up and try again.Mature

How much does one phone call tell you. The number of rings before they pick up, how long til the answer phone kicks in and the line 'The person you are trying to call is on the phone. Please hang up and try again.'. What runs through your mind when these situations occur, and where do you draw the line?


I'm not stupid, I never have been and never will be. I know that, too much some might say. I always knew I was right and that others were wrong and I could argue my case from any angle with no fault.

But he changed that, he was the one person, the one thing that ever made me doubt my intelligence, my thoughts and my opinions. He was the only one that could change me in a nano second, the onle person who I could never hide or lie to. And yet I loved him. I still love him.

We were so young when we fell in love, younger than anyone could think that we were actually in love. But we were. The sheer power of it broke all boundaries and turned our worlds upside down. It was drug that took control and forced us on it's rollacoaster of a world. But it was all so worth it, we were so strong, so perfect....

At first anyway.

The End

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