Please, For Me

Ryan is a responsible and caring guy. He takes care of his lil' sis very well since his parents died. But when he sees Jamie, he feels a different kind of protectiveness for her. Are they meant to be or something will pull them apart?

Chapter 1

Ryan’s POV

“Oh mann!” My friend Larry yelled as he spat his lunch from his mouth onto his table. I looked up at him from my daydream, about which I had already forgotten. He was scowling at his food, or rather stuff which looked like food. I had told him time and again that the food in our school is gross and there’s no use eating it, unless you want to suffer from food poisoning, as is.

“Told you so” I said, offering my peanut butter sandwich to him. He took it and we shared the lunch. Larry is a nice friend; he’s just very silly and stupid sometimes and won’t hesitate in offering someone whatever he has. Most likely that is why he is tricked by many people in getting their ways from him. Suppressing a sigh, I quietly had my half sandwich and went to my next class, English.

“Oh Ryan!” the beautiful-pretty angel led me into the quiet forest, holding my hand. I looked around and all I saw was greenery. “Who are you?” I asked, sounding dazzled, which was pretty obvious since the angel was very beautiful. She had soft brown wavy and curly hair, white and soft skin and a short stature.

“You don’t know me?” she asked and laughed an enchanting laugh that would make anyone die for her.

“I think I do” I said, suddenly I could feel the attraction between us; she leaned towards me, stretching up on her toes to my height.

“Mr. Dark-hill!” I heard my English teacher Ms. Henry shout, where did she come from?

“I’ll see you later” said the beautiful-pretty angel, inches from my face, as she faded into the haze and my eyes popped open.

Why?! Why was this supposed to be a dream!? I looked around, all my classmates were looking at me, and Ms. Henry was standing in front of me with her brows raised in anger and a huge scale in her hand.

“What do you think…?” Ms. Henry spoke, I looked up to her, and she stopped talking and shook her head as if to shake off something. I stood up; I was taller than her so she stumbled two steps back.

“Off to detention!” she said, turning away and hurrying to her desk. I picked up my bag from the side of my desk and went to her. She took out a slip of paper, wrote my name on it and wrote the reason for detention: “sleeping in class” and handed it to me.

I reached around the detention room; our school had this room for the “undisciplined” students. It was a fun room if you ask me, because over the years the teachers appointed here became used to the students and they don’t actually care what is going on now. People do what they want and have a good time, so if you get detention in Brooke High School, be cool about it.

I knocked on the door, I heard the teacher shout “Come in” above the noise already going inside the room. When I went inside and gave him the slip, the old man looked at me and said “Welcome, child” in a sarcastic voice. I grimaced and walked to sit on the last seat. The room was filled with students of my school, everyone shouting, laughing, chatting around and just having fun, but I wanted to sleep again in hope of seeing the angel again.

But I guess the angel didn’t want to come to me in a dream, she wanted to honor me with her beautiful presence in reality. As I sat in my chair and looked around me, I saw a girl, sitting on the chair beside me listening to her I-Pod and nodding her head to the music. As she rocked her head to the rhythm, her wavy brown hair rocked with her, her closed eyes made her look so beautiful I forgot how to blink. I was thinking about how soft her hair would be, and how enchanting her voice would be because she looked exactly like the girl of my dream, and yes she was the girl of my dreams!

I kept staring at her for who knows how much time, when she suddenly looked at me. Her gaze met mine and my thoughts shattered inside my head, like a huge bolder is thrown in a pond, and my heart stared to beat like a wild drum beat. She removed her earphones from her ear, still looking at me. This seemed so perfect.

But like everything else in my life, nothing goes perfect. A big paper ball comes flying out of nowhere and hits my head. She smiled and looked away, I felt embarrassed. Just then the damned school bell rang and the old teacher-dude yelled “Get out everyone!” and all the students ran outside. The unknown angel stood up picked up her bag and started walking away. I wanted so desperately to talk to her, to know her but just like the dream angel she was going now. She reached the door and I was still transfixed on my seat, then she turned around and our gaze met for the second time. She blushed and walked out of the room.

I felt my heart melt and my brain lighten. Was this some dream? Possible not because the next thing I knew the detention teacher smacked my head and said “Get out, boy. Do you need some extra detention?”

With that I walked away, with the desperate hope and need of seeing the girl of my dreams again.









The End

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