Please, Don't Go Away

The glass beneath her fingers was cold. Hardened brown eyes were watching his figure slowly became more distant in the fog that was enveloping the city. She never liked the fog, it was cold, it was gray, it was foreboding, and most of all she hated it because she couldn’t see. Her eyes were beginning to lose focus, partly from the fog, but mostly clouded by tears. Blinking away the hot sting, she focused again. It wasn’t hard to find what her eyes were searching for, for it was all they wanted to see.

He was still there, as if he had stopped and hesitated for a moment.

“Please, don’t go away” came a small voice, falling upon deaf ears, breaking the profound silence that had come over the room. Even the sound of her own voice had scared her. She had gotten used to the silence; it had been an unseen companion that didn’t know that it had worn out its welcome, and it seemed like it wouldn’t ever leave. It was nothing new; it had stayed by her side every time he had left and time after time she would welcome it subconsciously with open arms.


This happened every single time.

Her expressionless eyes would watch longingly as his figure walked down the street. Eventually he would disappear from sight, but every time he looked the least bit hesitant, she would say the 4 words, that many would think, were the only ones in her vernacular. Every time she was left standing at the window, pressing a hand against the glass; just to feel something besides the complete emptiness that was left when the oak door was closed.  


“Please Understand that I have to”

It was the voice that belonged to the figure that she watched so intently. It was the moment of hesitation, as if he could hear her utter the four words, in which he countered with. He knew in his mind that he couldn’t stay. He never could, and as much as it hurt him so to see her eyes watching him, her eyes that had only ever seen goodbyes, he knew it was impossible to stay. He knew he wasn’t a good man. Every time he looked her in the eyes, he knew he had to lie, and what was worse was that she knew. And that’s what killed the both of them inside. Lies would eventually be their dissolution.


Her fingers had gone numb from the cold of the window pane. Her breath fogged the glass from the inside with every slow steady breath she took. It was all she could do; breathe, exist. He was gone now, out of sight and the silence was welcomed once again. Hardened brown eyes watched the empty street enveloped with fog.

She never liked the fog.

The End

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