Pleasant DreamsMature

Blanky can't stop thinking about her night with William. Part of the 'Arcade' fan fiction.

Another day had come to an end at the arcade for the Horrorland characters. As was custom, Blanky and Niky had gone to the Horrorland bar with the dummies. They were seated at the bar, giggling and chatting about their day. 'Man, I'm exhausted,' Blanky said, taking a sip of her water. Clear, no funny stuff. Monster punches were the bar's speciality and Blanky had had her fair share of them.

'You poor thing,  where did you go today?' Niky asked.

'Camp Jelly Jam,' Blanky thought back on her most recent game, before the arcade had closed for the night and shuddered a little. She had no idea camp could be so horrifying.  She was used to it of course, but it still gave her the heebie jeebies. Probably because she was a human with human feelings as opposed to a monster.

'Quiet tonight,' she remarked, casting an eye around. Not for long, it seemed. Apart from the four of them, the only others there not including the horned bar man were Curly, a couple of horned horrors and the scientist dad. 

'Hey officer, would you go to the dance with me? Ive nobody to go with,' Curly propositioned her just then, gazing into her dark hazel eyes with his horrifying glowing red ones. She had to admit, that was a pretty good pun.

'Sorry Curly,  you're not my type, ' she shook her head giggling. 

'Be mine, officer. The amusement park could do with a guard, and so could I,' said the barman.

 'Wow, someone is popular tonight,' Niky winked.

'Cut it out you two! Stay away from her, she's my slave!' Slappy yelled at them, silencing them at once. 'And stay away from Niky too!'

The scientist, who up until then had been quiet, finally spoke.'We all know how much she loves scientists,' he said sarcastically, pushing his glasses up onto his nose.  Blanky bit her bottom lip in an awkward smile. William, she said to herself passionately. 

'And you, quiet! Or else ill unleash one of your monsters, and you will be destroyed!'

'No!! I've spent the best part of the afternoon locking that thing up,' Blanky protested.

'Oh yeah?' The scientist stood up rolling his sleeves, his face changing from red to purple then black with fury. 'How about I use you in one of my experiments,  driftwood?!'

'Uh-oh, this could get ugly, ' Blanky sighed, getting ready to step between them at any time. She had spent the whole day catching criminals as usual and didnt want to have to continue her duties on her time off. Just as she'd feared, the two flew at each other. She grabbed onto Slappy and held him back as he tried to claw at the scientist, who was being held back by one of the horned horrors. She looked over at Niky with some urgency, who helped her round up the dummies and they left toogo back home in Slappy's car.

 'Phew! Thank goodness for that,' Niky sighed, giving Blanky a relieved smile. On the journey home, Blanky's mind began to wander off, particularly to the previous night: her and William. They'd.... done it. Made sweet, sweet love. Bumped uglies. The horizontal mambo. She had pesky convulsions in her stomach which gave her no rest every time she thought back to their night. She could still feel him: his caresses, his kisses and him inside her, the feelings of which had exploded like chemical reactions, nearly causing her to be ripped apart. Just thinking about it drove her insane with pleasure, she felt she would explode all over again. She had to watch herself so as not to give herself away, she couldnt even tell Niky. It was a forbidden union, especially an encounter between two characters of different games, a cop and a bad guy scientist no less. She couldnt imagine a more dangerous (or a more sexy) combination. He had really opened her up. He had entered her mind, her soul, penetrated her to her very core. They had been together on that cold lab floor, the heat from their bodies rapidly heating it up; then at the end of it all their bodies entwined together as they lay exhausted, rivers of bodily fluids, pouring from every pore. She had been penetrated by scientists before;  through needles and electrodes.  She had been a specimen like before too, his 'precious specimen' as he'd called her- except this time she had been a willing participant. And how. 

Back home, the girls and the dummies sat on the old couch in the living room.'Hey guys, theres going to be a movie showing tonight,' Niky announced, reading the tv guide.

'What sort of movie?' Asked Slappy, glancing at the paper. 'A horror movie?' He frowned. 'No way. You wont be able to sleep.'

'Yes I will!' She insisted. 

'Nu-uh. You'll wake up crying at night and I'll need to comfort you.' He remembered the last time that happened. 

'No she wont master, I'll watch it too,' Blanky chimed in. 'We'll...share the scares! ' she grinned, putting on a brave face and the girls gave each other a high five. This was perfect:  a dose of horror would be enough to cure her of her case of 'pesky convulsions.'

'I'll stay with you girls,' Rocky offered. 

'I'll have to as well, it seems, 'Slappy sighed.just before the movie started, the girls got some nachos and cola. This would be great, the perfect ending to a hectic day. Just like old times, when the girls were teens. They were 10 minutes into the movie already,  when Blankys  phone buzzed. She looked down at the screen; it was a missed call from Birkin. Her heart skipped a beat.

'Hey uh, Niky? Guys? Would you mind awfully if I have an early night? Im feeling rather tired, and ive seen this movie already once before,' she excused herself.

'No worries Blanky, I wont stay up too long. I dont know if I'd be able to,' Niky replied.

'What, too much fun on the weekend?' Slappy rolled his eyes at Blanky.

'Hehehe, you could say that,' she blushed uneasily. The scary thing was, that dummy could read her like a book. 'Well, I'd better be going to bed,  good night everyone. ' she kissed them all and made her way upstairs.

She got undressed for her nightly shower. But she had no intention of sleeping. At least, not for another couple of hours. She had plans for that night. She knew Niky wouldn't go to bed anytime soon, sometimes she even fell asleep in front of the tv. The dummies wouldnt be disturbing her either; since Slappy had made the girls share the smaller room, he'd claimed the bigger one and spent most of his time there.  Neither would Rocky, instead he usually stayed on a chair outside the room by the door like a guard dog, in case the girls got scared or had nightmares. Once she was done,  she popped on her neglige shed worn the previous night. It was all sweaty and sticky, intermingled with his and her scents but she didnt care.  It made it all the more arousing. She picked up her phone.

'Birkin sweetheart,' she said getting into position under the covers, running her fingers over certain places teasingly.'The floodgates are open and theyre flooding like theres no tomorrow. '

The End

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