Playtime's Just Beginning...

I watched her squirm in my grasp.

Her ivory skin, smooth, unblemished, innocent...

I smiled at her, but apperently my friendliness was unwelcome because she tried to scream again.

Good thing I silenced her in the hallway with the gag. I made sure it was the pink one, no doubt her favorite color. It had always been Charlotte's favorite...


My dead daughter... Killed by a reckless driver when she was walking home from school! Her best friend's father had run her over while taking his own daughter home!

The bastard!

I spit on the sidewalk, and clutched the girl's elbow tighter as I crossed  to my car. I opened the back door and pushed her in, leaving the gag inside her mouth.

I heard doors slam, and shouts erupted from the school building, begging me to stop.

As if I would!

I looked at the shivering child in the back seat, grinning and laughing to myself at the thought of what would come.

"Little girl," I whispered, "You haven't seen anything yet!"

I charged out of the parking spot, leaping over the speed bump and crashing on to the road as I watched teachers frantically pull out cellphones and chase after me.

'It's a tad too late to save her now,' I thought, 'Because now that I have my revenge in hand, there's no way anyone's getting her back!'

The End

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