Burning a trail: the journey beginsMature

"You wanted to see me Master Azazel?" Ivan bowed his head in respect for his master. Azazel was seated at his desk in his study, books and papers piled everywhere around himthere was barely a fee space to stand. Ai entered behind him and bowed her head as well, moving to Ivans side dodging the clutter. "Yes," he replied setting his papers aside. "I have a quest for you." Azazel smiled his yellow teeth at them motioning for Ai, "Kitten?" He asked, and Ai slid free from he clothes, shifting and jumped into his lap as a tiger once again. Azazel loved how naive Ai was and took full advantage of that. He was a powerful goat daemon after all. With long curling horns on the top of his head like something from a horror movie and the lower half of a goat body he easily cradled Ai like a kitten in his arms.Ivan watched as he patted Ai's head in distaste. "I want you to go to France and escort someone very special for me." He set Ai down and tossed Ivan a file from his desk. Opening it he read the description aloud, "Phonia Pharemount, of Fay decent located in Paris France, the french quarter." He looked back questionably but accepted his mission without complaint. "Make preparations and depart imedently." Azazel patted Ai once more,causing her to mow once more and returned to his paper.

The End

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